Kisses, Love & Protection

If you did not understand dogs, it would be hard to love one. It would be licking you all the time for no reason, barking to piss you off, crazy, etc. This is the way we tend to look at the people we come across, and the activities we are involved in throughout the day. If we understood the positive motive behind why we go through what we do, we would find a key to feeling good.


You would realize the dog isn’t licking you; it is kissing you because it is full of unconditional love. You would understand the dog isn’t barking; it is trying to warn you about something to protect you. You would learn to fall in love with the personality and spirit of the dog, instead of jumping to the conclusion that all dogs crazy. P.S. Conclusions are dangerous.


Life puts us through things we do not understand everyday. If you go through life on negative autopilot, you will miss the kisses, protection, and the love life offers. Attitude. Mindset. Personality. The way you choose to look at life makes a big difference. Everything in your life is a habit including the way you look at life. You have the power to adopt any habit you desire, and the power to eliminate past habits inherited from your childhood. Clear your slate.


A lot of what we believe is permanent, is only permanent because we believe it is so. What you believe also has similar relationship to habit. Changing the habit of what you believe in is a very important step in personal growth. Life can be broken down and simplified over and over again. It can be peeled layer by layer like a never-ending onion. Our job is to stay curious and to gain control and awareness of how customized we can paint and mold our lives, our behavior, our thoughts, feelings, and ourselves. Take control of what is in your power; stop wasting time trying to change what cannot be changed. Look at the life the right way 🙂


Don’t miss out on the Kisses, Love & Protection

Thank you for reading!

Ayman Elgadi




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