Are You Happy To Be Alive?

I was in an accident today, that wasn’t even the bad part. I could have died, my car could have been balled up, I could have had severe bodily damage, but my mind immediately jumped to “How the **** am I going to pay for this ****?” The fact that I just survived did not even cross my mind, I didn’t even care deep down inside or realize what just happened or could have happened. This has helped me realize that I want to be happy to be alive. I don’t want my life to be plain, bland and just based on survival. I want to have a passion for life, I want to appreciate my life and I want to appreciate myself, I want to appreciate the time I get to spend alive on earth. I want to wake up with joy, I want to have a flow of good emotions all day, I want to feel high without getting high, I want a clear mind that is directed towards thinking about fun, happiness, peace, freedom, success, wealth, and love. I want to believe that things I can’t think of, or things that don’t seem realistic can happen for me and to me, I want to believe that I can earn $10,000.00 in one day. I want to believe that good things happen to me and for me. I want to believe that I can achieve my desires. I want to believe that life can be fun & full of new experiences. I want to believe that I am rich and successful.


A part of me died to day, its name is Unhappiness.

A part of me was born today; its name is Happiness To Be Alive.


This accident helped me realize that I am really not controlling my life and my mind the way I want to. If was in control I would wake up when I want, go to the store to buy whatever I want for the day. Get in my car; go to a mountain or cool nature spot. Enjoy peace & nature. Have fun during the car ride, filled with great feelings, emotions & music. I would come home and get into a creative space & make some history. I would find the love of my life and build an amazing life with her. I would cultivate and develop amazing friendships and relationships. I would always be energized and feeling good & feeling amazing.


A lot of us tend to focus on the current task we are engaged in, more than enjoying the task from within. A lot of us tend to focus on surviving more than living. How long will you let your mind wander before you take control? When are you going to appreciate being alive? I truly thought I appreciated life, but my response to dark times proved that I did not. Make a decision to begin appreciating life in your mind and your heart. This one is easier said than done.


Thank you for reading,

Ayman Elgadi




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