Ten Thousand Hours

Ten Thousand Hours

I’ve always had BIG dreams, it has never scared me. I don’t fear failing, If anything, I fear giving up. That is why it has never been an option in my book. I may readjust my sail at times, or realize I could be doing better, so I improve on it. I am not afraid to tell people I am the greatest rapper of all-time because I will be. It may not look like it at the moment, but I will be. And because I will be, I already am. That may not make sense to you but it does to me. There is a big difference between rapping and recording a rap song. Rapping is easier than recording a flawless song. I am figuring out the recording process more & more each day. Once I have it down, I will be unstoppable. I am not too far from it. I have always been able to write well, I have been working on my delivery lately. I believe I will have it down in the next year or two maximum. I do not want massive success until I have the proper knowledge and mastery to maintain it.

Find Your Dream Job

I believe I was blessed with the gift, unlike many who force it. If people succeed, they succeed, and that has nothing to do with me. The music industry is funny because you can pay to win. Those that pay to win never make the same impact as those that touch people and win their hearts. I do not get bothered by it, sometimes I just do not understand why people enjoy certain things, but that is none of my business. I am going for the true organic impact, not the processed version. My focus is on creating, I have so much ready to be completed that it is going to seem like an endless flow of records once I get on my releasing cycle. I am taking care of a few things behind the scenes and once that is completed, It will be time to takeover. When I say takeover it means my foot on all competitions neck. I will begin winning over a loyal fanbase and supplying them with exactly what they have been looking for. I have decided to take things into my own hands and complete the process from A to Z on my own. When I write and record a song, I hear a greater version of the song than I have been able to create. I am getting closer to understanding how to make it sound the way it is supposed to sound. There are so many nuances to making a great song that It takes a lot of practice and hundreds to thousands of hours to understand it all.


There is a rule that it takes 10,000 hours to master something. I believe Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule to be true. In what I have been working on I see how many small details factor into the big picture. Missing one key ingredient will not relay the same experience you are aiming to create. When you fully understand the process you are engaged in, it will all come naturally without force or overthinking. That is true mastery.

I am committed to what I set out to do. Most people are all-talk. When I say I’m going to do something it will be done, or I will be trying until my last day. I do not mind being laughed at now, because I will have the last laugh. When people look back on everything I have done, they will see a picture that was not clear to them before. A lot goes on that is not public with every great success story, and mine is no different. Are committed to your dream? Are you willing to put 10,000 hours to get to the starting line? If not, why not? Have you found out your true calling in life, your true passion, your labor of love? Are you creating an experience with the right reason behind it?

Make It Happen

Take today to re-set your sail and get back on the right path, or define the path more clearly. Become my partner in making a dream come true, lets push each other forward, and keep each other on track. I will be here whether you are here or not, I will be here to keep you on the path, I will be here to succeed with you. I wish you peace and success!


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