Time Is Running Out

Rushing Success

If you feel like there is a time limit on your success, you are mistaken. If you want something, be willing to wait for it to come when the time is right for it to come. If you feel like you are going to miss your opportunity, or someone has the answers and you can’t find them, you are mistaken. I am not implying that you can sit around and wait for something to happen, I am implying that if you are doing what you love and following your passion, it will lead you to the perfect places. The answers are within you and they will be revealed to you when you are on the right path. You may not feel like you are going the right way right now, but if you have chosen the correct and true life goal for yourself, you have nothing to worry about. If you have chosen a life goal that is not in harmony with yourself and you passion, you will never get where you truly wish to be, and you will not find the happiness and sense of fulfillment that is rightfully yours.

You Are Unique

If you have a dream, it should be something you do for the love of doing it. Something you will do even if you do not receive financial results. A dream is something that brings you joy not stress. Many people who have started pursuing their dream get lured off course, into aspects of the industry that have nothing to do with why they fell in love with it. Those same people tend to lose the level of creativity they achieved when they reached their peak. Your best work comes from aiming to enjoy yourself and please yourself with amazing creations. When your focus is shifted to getting recognized by your audience before aiming to please yourself, you will begin to lose the passion you once had. That loss of passion will show, and your audience will begin claiming you lost your gift.

Love Is The Reward

You shall continue creating and doing what you love and enjoy without RUSHING to succeed. Work at your own pace, make sure you stay comfortable and your best work will come out of that state of peace. Always hold a vision of success, but work as though you are just trying to please yourself. If you create something you love and do something you love, people will be attracted to it. You should not aim to create something they love, because that is their job. You were put here to give the world something no one else can. When you succeed you most likely use this formula, and you will begin declining when you switch up the formula. Do not forget why they fell in love with you in the first place. Do not become needy for people’s acceptance of your work. Your first success comes when you have created something before having an audience to share it with. Don’t let an audience spoil that, you will most likely lose them by trying to hold on to them. Work & create as if you are the only one watching.

Success Has No Celing

Do not look for shortcuts to success because they are nothing more than a mirage and “long-way.” Shortcuts will lead you right back to where you veered off. Do what you love to do for you first, and those that are meant to enjoy it will enjoy it. I wish you peace and success.

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