Definition Of An Idiot


Disclaimer: Sensitive People May Not Handle This Well

An “idiot” to me is not someone who isn’t book smart. An “idiot” to me is a person that believes they have nothing more to learn. An idiot is a very foolish type of human that thinks they have the world all figured out. I have come across many idiots throughout my life and they really frustrate me. Especially when they talk to me as if I am the stupid one. I truly wish God could show them how dumb their thought process is, and slap some sense into these fools. An idiot is a person that finds someone else to blame for their financial status instead of taking responsibility for their own life. An idiot comes to conclusions before doing the research. An idiot believes rich people cheat the system, instead of trying to learn from them. An idiot thinks they know why they are broke, when the truth is; they do not have the slightest clue. An idiot is someone who’s brain is a sleep while they are awake. An idiot is someone that pretends real events they caused did not happen. An idiot is someone that lies and denies the truth to keep a clean image. An idiot is a snake in disguise. An idiot is fake person with many sides. An idiot is someone with many friends they do not actually like. An idiot is someone that wishes for the downfall of successful people. An idiot is grown person that plays games in real life. An idiot criticizes people who are just like them. Most of us were raised by idiots.

It is time for all of us to learn about our subconscious mind and the programs we have installed in our subconscious mind growing up. Positive thinking will have NO EFFECT on your life if you have limiting beliefs programmed into your subconscious mind. Many of us are blind to the truth because we were led by the blind. Our conscious minds have a very small percentage to due with the creation of our reality compared to our subconscious mind. I would highly recommend you do some research on the subconscious mind to learn more. I suggest checking out; Joseph Murphy, Gregg Braden, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, John Kehoe, and Bruce Liption. I will create a future article that goes more in-depth about the subconscious mind.


If you believe you have reached your full potential, I need you to slap yourself as hard as you possibly can right now. If you try to justify where you are in your life due to outside circumstances, please slap yourself as hard as you can. If believe you were set up to make ends meet for the rest of your life, pick up a book on success. If you think you have it rough, you probably don’t have it too bad because you are blessed enough to be on the internet. If you believe you know it all, seek out a mentor that will help you realize the truth. If you think you are successful enough, look up someone who has done more than you and contributes greatly to charity and making a positive impact. We are supposed to seek wisdom for the rest of our lives. We will never know enough because there is always more to learn.

Success & Failure

Idiots will continue to exist long after this article has spread, my suggestion would be to avoid them at all costs. The people you surround yourself with, will bring you to their level, whether that is above you or below you. Seek out people that are focused on improving their life and their minds. If you are guilty of anything I have described, you can begin to change by accepting the fact that there is much to learn. An idiot is no longer be an idiot when they become dedicated to learning and living the truth. If you know someone that fits the description and is not willing to realize the truth, you may want to separate yourself from them. The truth may hurt, but lies destroy lives. Many are living a lie and it is a shame. I hope you are able to digest this dose of realness for what it is. I wish you peace and success.

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