Money & Your Self-Image

Money & Your Self-Image

People are taught poverty, people are taught inferiority, people are taught hopelessness, and people are taught how to feel bad about themselves. If you allow outside forces to limit the way you feel inside, you are fighting an un-winnable battle. Seeking sympathy and believing that someone is responsible for your prosperity is the worst thing for you self-awareness, because it teaches you to rely on others in a world where you must to rely on yourself. Never think of yourself as poor, disadvantaged, or culturally deprived. As you think, so shall you become. You have all the tools to begin where you are and get where you desire to be. It is time to learn that we have unlimited power and potential within us, if we are willing to tap into it. You must redefine yourself. It is time to re-write your self-image. All the negative information you hold about yourself needs to be transformed. After you transform your self-image in your mind, you will begin to see a transformation in physical reality. Your inner world creates your outer world. Lets become productive and provide value to one another through a labor of love.

You Are The Average Of The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With - Jim Rohn

You become what you believe. If you believe that you must earn money before you can feel prosperous and wealthy, you have it backwards. If you want to attract prosperity and abundance you must become money, become happiness, and become mentally and emotionally wealthy. As long as you see wealth and abundance as something separate from yourself and governed by dollars, you will never have enough. You will always be longing for something outside of yourself. Wealth, prosperity, and abundance are within you! True wealth and riches is an abundance of happiness, health, wealth, and love. Start by listing everything you have and should be grateful for, every challenge you have overcome to get to this point in time.

Wealth Is A Mindset

One of Jesus’ missions was preaching the gospel to the poor, yet many Christians claim money is evil? What you do with money will make it good or evil. I take every story and scripture about faith and abundance in life, religious books, and other sources of information as psychological help rather then theological help. I do not look for outside sources to determine my faith or prosperity; I have Faith and know that outside circumstances will match my inner faith. I don’t believe that poverty is a final destination for anyone that has the will power to make it out. I relay this information to empower you, not to make you feel bad about your situation. NEVER find an excuse for your financial situation; I do not care how bad you have it. YOU can become wealthy. It is our responsibility to succeed so we can pay the blessing forward. Do not allow your thoughts and words to deter an abundant supply away from you. Do not sabotage the good from entering your life through negative thinking and speaking. Your beliefs about money play a big role in your self-image. Be Careful. I hope you will be able to truly Believe that you deserve to life an amazing life. You are what you think and believe.

Have Money

Worrying is meditating in a negative way, how can you start shifting your worry into faith and positive meditation? Every thought counts, develop a strategy that can help you shift your focus. Acknowledging every success you have had big or small is a great way to put yourself in a positive vibration. List everything you like about yourself. Poverty starts as a mindset and brings you poverty in your outer world. The poverty mindset may have been passed down to you from past generations. Do not follow! Develop the success and abundance mindset, and pass it on to your children. It is time to break the cycle, it is time to start feeling wealthy and one with abundance. So you think and feel, so shall you become. Begin where you are to start giving back, begin where you are to feel blessed, begin where you are to feel rich and grateful. This inner transformation will result in outer transformation. Do not do this for one day and give up, do this for the rest of your life and keep Faith. We are not perfect but perfection is a great place to aim.

Let’s take responsibility of our lives and our future. Lets develop a new positive powerful self-image! I hope to improve myself and every flaw I realize, I pray you will do the same. I am growing daily and hope we can grow together. I wish you peace and success!

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