Nature Walks

Nature Walk

Getting out in nature is an important factor for maintaining good mental health. It can free your mind, release stress, and bring you to a peaceful emotional state. Being in the environment of open fields, trees, birds, flowers, and bodies of water will calm the mind. The fresh air and freedom you receive from the wilderness has the power to shift your mind state into a positive direction. Your mind opens up and has a more expansive range of thoughts to flow through. You will be at peace. If you are ever feeling trapped, stuck, or in a cycle of negative thoughts a nature walk may be the perfect solution. You will be brought to such a natural place that you can begin realizing the world is much larger than you or me. We each have our individual lives going on, and while all that is happening the world of nature is taking its course. You will be brought to a place where you can realize how connected everything on Earth really is. The soil and the plants growing, the ground is our foundation, the trees and our oxygen, the sun and the light it shines on us, the wild animals and the food chain, and the entire circle of life.

The Great Outdoors

Nature always brings me to humble grateful emotional state. It can help you realize your gratitude for how far humanity has come, how privileged we are to live in houses, how abundant our sources of food are, how lucky we are to be able to communicate with each other. Life is constantly evolving and our lives are constantly changing, nature is a place where you should go to be and feel truly in the moment. You can forget about all the tasks you have to complete, all the challenges you face, and all of the lack and limitation for as long as you desire. You can get exercise and clear your mind at the same time. Meditating in nature is the ultimate soothing and relaxation. Take a walk on a nature trail, or go for a hike somewhere nearby, you will not regret it. You will be at peace and you can appreciate how beautiful our planet really is. The video below is a journey I took through Amethyst Brook and The Robert Frost Trail in Amherst, Massachusetts. I hope you enjoy the scenery, the thoughts I received while taking a nature walk, and the topics I share in the video. I wish you peace and success!

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