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Abundant Universe


Many of us have a scarcity mindset even though we live in such an abundant universe. This is a world full of opportunities and abundance. In 2014 there were 900,000 new millionaires. There are 14.6 million millionaires all over the world. These numbers apply to the people that have $1 million liquid, investable, spendable money. […]

Money & Your Self-Image

Money & Your Self-Image

People are taught poverty, people are taught inferiority, people are taught hopelessness, and people are taught how to feel bad about themselves. If you allow outside forces to limit the way you feel inside, you are fighting an un-winnable battle. Seeking sympathy and believing that someone is responsible for your prosperity is the worst thing […]

Nature Walk

Nature Walks

Getting out in nature is an important factor for maintaining good mental health. It can free your mind, release stress, and bring you to a peaceful emotional state. Being in the environment of open fields, trees, birds, flowers, and bodies of water will calm the mind. The fresh air and freedom you receive from the wilderness has […]