Bad Words

Slurs And Cuss Words

Why do the things people say about you offend you? Do you find truth in their words? Are you not comfortable with who you are? If you are offended by something, it means you believe there is some truth to what is being said about you. It would be a good idea to take inventory of how you feel about yourself. If someone is trying to offend you, it can be looked at as him or her wanting your attention, though not in a good way. They are trying to suck the life out of you, and most people eat right out of their hands. You do not win by getting upset and defending yourself; you win by not allowing it to affect you.

Terms such as: faggot, slut, bitch, cunt, nigger, spick, honkey, cracker, kike, pussy, fuck, shit, and any other “bad word” you can think of, only have as much power as YOU give them. I understand that they have “definitions” but it is your choice to accept them as a definition of yourself. You define yourself, words do not. You have so much more emotional power within you than you know. You have the power to feel good, and you have the power to feel bad. If you are giving up that power to someone else, you have lost control of yourself. If you feel the need to defend yourself or prevent people from offending you, you are only hurting yourself. That power you are investing in defending yourself, is distracting you from your major purpose in life and your goals.

Re-Define Yourself

I believe the word “nigger” was created, and is used to distract black people. When you attempt to prevent the word from being used, you are being distracted and lured in to a trick. You may feel like you did “good” by telling someone off, but in reality, you just allowed someone to put you in a negative vibration. If someone’s words can make you feel bad about yourself it is time to ask why? I understand that slavery and segregation occurred in history, and that we are not all treated equally. If you allow the word to anger you, you are hurting yourself. It is time to let go of the power that word has, and it is time to feel good about ourselves. As long as we try to prevent the word from being used and defend ourselves, we are giving power to the user. You are allowing the word to keep its power. The whole point is to empower ourselves. Do not fall for the trap. Giving someone that power over you, is the same as allowing him or her to be your slave master. Allowing someone to put you in a negative vibration will cause more negative energy to be attracted to you. Stop hurting yourself.

Don't Sign Up For That Class - Jim Rohn

What people think of you is truly not your business. It will always have a negative affect on you if you choose to make it your business. I know how difficult it can be to stop yourself from correcting someone’s image of you, but it is not worth the work. As Jim Rohn says “Don’t sign up for that class!” The best thing you can do is: keep yourself happy and allow others to do the same for themselves. If someone is speaking negatively about you or thinking negative thoughts about you, they are only hurting themselves. When you defend yourself, you are only hurting yourself by putting more bad energy out. Let the negative be negative and shift your focus to the positive.

Rise Above It

If on the other hand, you are the one thinking negatively about people, you are in a negative vibration. You should write down 10 things you can appreciate about that person. You are only hurting yourself when you focus on their “bad traits.” You do not have to become their best friend, but do not hold hate for them within you. When you let the hate go, you will grow. If someone is taught to hate as a child, they will hold onto that hatred as long as they believe it is right. If children are vulnerable enough to believe in Santa Clause, they are vulnerable enough to believe they are inferior or superior to others. Some children never grow up. This is why racist people and the Klu Klux Klan are the way they are. They were taught this information as children or as adults with child-like minds and have held on to the belief. They will never live a positive life holding onto hate. Let that be their problem.


We are all created equal. Our environments are not created equal. You must become greater than your environment. The only limitations you have are the ones you set up, or allow others to set up for yourself. If you allow your environment to limit you, you are in a victim’s mindset. Find the greatness that exists within you. This video will go more in detail about how bad words have a negative affect on those who are offended by them. Even though I focus on the word “nigger,” you can apply it to any word that offends you. Do not get offended or defend yourself, empower yourself.

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  1. Bad Wolf · · Reply

    Seriously? I can only assume the author of this post is friggin’ retard.


    1. Lol to each their own. Your negativity will only hurt yourself, you probably did not read this very well


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