Dream Big

Big Dreams

Napoleon Hill stated the only limitation we have is the one we set up in our own mind. If you do not believe you can accomplish something, you’ve lost before you have even started. You must know exactly what you want in order to find it. You must be willing to pursue it until it is manifested. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve. If you hold your desire persistently in your mind and heart, you will find a practical way to achieve it. Any desire you emotionalize will be magnetized and attracted to you. Allow me to explain why no dream is too big for you, and how you can successfully use the Law Of Attraction to manifest it.

Vibration & Frequency: (Quantum Physics)

Nothing is in the universe is solid; everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. You may say your chair, table, computer, phone, and other items in your physical reality are solid, but that may not be the case. Just because you do not understand this, does not mean it is not true. Everything in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts. Everything is made up of atoms: (The basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects). Atoms are in a constant state of motion; depending on the speed of the atoms they can appear to be solids, liquids, or gasses. Everything that appears to be solid is actually a group of atoms vibrating at a frequency that creates what you see. Vibrations express themselves as geometrical figures, which explains why the thing that is formed appears to be solid.

Sound and thoughts are also vibrations. Two things that vibrate at the same frequency are attracted to each other. This is why thoughts attract things, because anything that matches the vibration of your thoughts will be manifested in your life. When you think deeply about someone they usually are attracted into your life through a random meeting, phone call, or even hearing their name in a conversation. Your thoughts create your reality; you attract what you think about. If you desire to change your outer world, start by changing the way you think (Your inner world). When you do not truly believe you can achieve something, there is no way for it to be manifested because you are not opening your mind to it. You must learn how to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Vibrate At A Higher Frequency

Affirmations & The Subconscious Mind:

You will not be able to think about something one time and attract it into your life. You must believe it. The way you can believe something is through repetition. It is similar to the way you learned multiplication back in elementary school. You repeat the information over and over again to yourself, until your mind memorizes it. When it comes to achieving your dreams you must create affirmations (A formatted statement about what you intend to manifest, that will be repeated several times daily). Your affirmation will be stating what you desire to achieve as if you already have it. For example, if you wish to make a lot of sales in your business, you will repeat “lots of sales today, lots of sales today, lots of sales today” over and over for 5 minutes straight each day. You may not get results right away, but do not allow that to discourage you.

Affirmations will not have any impact until the belief imprints into your subconscious mind: (Your second mind that controls bodily functions such as breathing, repair, blood flow, and much more. The subconscious mind permanently stores everything that happens to you throughout your life, and has a virtually limitless capacity. It also attracts things into your reality based on the dominating beliefs you allow it to accept). Your subconscious mind attracts the circumstances and situations that match your dominating thoughts. It also has the power to fulfill any request and instructions you successfully give it through imprinting. Your subconscious mind is what gives you your insights, intuition, and inspirations. You must be willing to spend at least 90 days doing your affirmations without missing a day. This will create a habit in your thought process and inspire the change. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can understand. Through affirmations, you will be able to imprint new beliefs into your subconscious mind, and transform your life.

Thoughts Create Reality

Vision Boards (Visualizing & Seeding):

Having a vision board (A board that displays images of what you desire to become, desire to have, and desire to do) is a crucial part of succeeding. During times when you are running low on motivation, your vision board will give you the extra boost you need to persevere. Visualizing having the lifestyle you want, the income you desire, and the freedom it will give you can inspire you to move forward. Just knowing the possibility exists will give you the push you need to make your next move. Some people focus on the possibility of failure; I choose to focus on the possibility of success. Spend a day thinking and writing down the life you wish to live. Write down what you want to do, accomplish, have, be like, and every detail that will make your life fulfilling. Remember that the only limitation you have is the one you set up for yourself when doing this. After you have done this, print out or cut out images from a magazine that resemble what you wrote down and create your vision board.

Whatever you visualize you should emotionalize as well. There is a technique called seeding: (Feeling what it would be like to have what you desire, as if you already have it). You can do these together or separately. You must know what it will feel like to attract what you desire. This will also help speed up the manifesting process. If you cannot think of how it would feel, watch videos of people you wish to be like and study the way they carry themselves. Watch and try to understand how much they enjoy doing what they love for a living. You will get better with practice.

Believe And Achieve

When I think of my future is see marble floor houses, a successful entertainment career, adventuring the Earth, taking flights to beautiful cities, overlooking skyscrapers and city lights, a Nissan GTR R-35 Nismo edition, performing for crowds of thousands, being #1 on the Billboard 200, luxurious hotels, beautiful weather, palm trees, creating amazing music, creating great content for all of my platforms, having amazing mentors, starting a charity, lounging on yachts, having enough wealth to do whatever I want, and so much more. People may think I am crazy to believe this is all possible, but it would drive me crazy if I did not chase my dream. I also know anything another human has accomplished, makes it possible for me to do the same.

You will either build your own dream or get hired to build someone else’s dream. Set out 15-30 minutes each day to do these mental exercises. Spend 5 minutes visualizing success, 5 minutes affirming something you wish to manifest, 5 minutes affirming a new belief you desire to imprint, 5 minutes seeding success, 5 minutes listing out loud all the success you have had in the past and being grateful for where you are now. I highly recommend you read or listen to the audio book Mind Power by John Kehoe, he does an excellent job laying out all of these principles. Do not miss a day doing these exercises; they have the power to change your inner world and outer world. I wish you success on your journey.

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