How To: “Just Do It”

How To Just Do It

You will never know how to do something before you actually start. That fear will paralyze many people and prevent them from ever trying. Do you fear not knowing how to do something? Or fear you will do it wrong? If so, you are not alone. I have had to face this fear a few times in my life, but I am glad I was able to overcome it. I faced it the first time I moved away from home in Massachusetts to Orlando, Florida. I did not know how anything was going to be, but the decision had to be made. I had to learn how to get around the city, how to live on my own, cook for myself, shop for myself, manage money and stay on top of my expenses. If I had been too scared to do it, my life would probably suck right now. That one decision has helped shape me into who I am today.

I did not know how to start rapping, but I began by studying. I could still be studying to this day, if I had not gotten over the fear of being wrong/bad. I recorded and re-recorded my first mixtape more times than I can count. I did not know or understand the engineering side, the marketing side, and the delivery side. I did not know how to start writing songs but I dove in headfirst. It is very similar to jumping in a cold pool or hot tub. It is extremely uncomfortable because you are not used to the temperature, but after spending some time in the water you will get used to it, and begin enjoying it. The best way to do it is by putting your whole body into and under the water, and then staying in it until you feel good about your decision. If you try to go in slowly you may never start swimming due to the temperature, so jump in!

Jump In Headfirst

I faced this again when I decided to start shooting and editing my Music Videos and VLogs. I wanted them to be perfect. I would study YouTube videos, study music videos, and study videos about editing and audio engineering for hours. I took more notes than I have ever needed to use. The most I have learned came through actually doing it. The studying definitely helps, but it can only help you if you actually start. You cannot allow your fear of failure to paralyze you. Even if you mess up, you will be able to try again until you succeed. Even though there is a lot of footage I did not end up using, I finally got it right. In the beginning I would forget certain settings that made clips look unprofessional, so I tossed them. Tossing that footage is now the reminder I use to correctly setup the camera. You may mess up completely at whatever you are trying to accomplish, but every failure is a reminder to fix that error the next time. Do not beat yourself up over errors.

I had to figure out the entire direction of what I wanted to do, from the topics of the shows, how I wanted to present myself, and so much more. I am so glad I turned the camera on and started, because there was a chance I could still be studying to this day and never start. I would like to challenge you to just begin whatever you have planned for yourself, and to face whatever is holding you back. Weather you have the fear of being wrong, or not being good enough. It can be paralyzing and I completely understand that. I just want to motivate you to at least start, at least try. You will probably have to be bad before you are good. All the great people you can think of did not start that way. You can become as great as anyone you look up to; you just have to start somewhere. We are all humans and we all can do anything we put our minds to. You have so much more potential inside of you than you can understand.

The same thing goes for this blog; I did not know what I was going to write about. I just started thinking and typing in Microsoft word and this is what came out. Please try whatever you are planning. Please start today. Study while you work. It will help you retain the information and you will see progress throughout every step you take. Even if you will be embarrassed at first, it will all be worth it in the end. I guarantee later down the road you will be so proud of yourself. Pat yourself on the back every time you make a mistake and be grateful that you are further than you have ever been. At times you will second-guess yourself, just know it happens to all of us. I hope you do amazing things in the future, and I hope you start something new today! I wish you the best.

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