Monthly Archives: July 2015

Slurs And Cuss Words

Bad Words

Why do the things people say about you offend you? Do you find truth in their words? Are you not comfortable with who you are? If you are offended by something, it means you believe there is some truth to what is being said about you. It would be a good idea to take inventory […]

Big Dreams

Dream Big

Napoleon Hill stated the only limitation we have is the one we set up in our own mind. If you do not believe you can accomplish something, you’ve lost before you have even started. You must know exactly what you want in order to find it. You must be willing to pursue it until it […]

The Greatest Advice

The Best Advice

“If you buy someone’s opinion you buy his or her lifestyle.” Throughout your life people will offer you advice, usually it is worth what you pay for it…. Nothing. You will have poor people telling you how to get rich, unhappy people telling you how to be happy, employees telling you how to run a […]

How To Just Do It

How To: “Just Do It”

You will never know how to do something before you actually start. That fear will paralyze many people and prevent them from ever trying. Do you fear not knowing how to do something? Or fear you will do it wrong? If so, you are not alone. I have had to face this fear a few […]

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off

I wrote this article to motivate anyone who is thinking of giving up on their dream, or second-guessing themselves. Sometimes when we go through tough times, we can feel like we are not meant to win. Especially when we see other people doing well. It is not good to compare yourself to other people, because […]