I want to help people Battle & Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Pain, and all other forms of Negativity & Negative Thinking. I want to push the Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, Self-Help Junkies, people on a Spiritual Journey or an Inner-Journey, and anyone that wants to feel good & be happy.



What Words Best Represent This Brand?

Inner-Growth, Wisdom, Understanding, Self-Help, Personal Development, Determination, Persistence, Abundance, Consistency, Wealth, Success, Luxury, Lifestyle, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Faith, Mindset, Achievement, Motivation, Failure, Discovery, Dreams, Goals, Winners, Adventure, Exploration, Nature, Spirituality, Learning, Law Of Attraction, Reaching, Emotional Intelligence, Love, Creativity, Freedom, Expression, and Humanity.



Who Am I?

My name is Ayman Elgadi. I have been on the search for wisdom and answers since I was a kid. My mind used to be a dark place at times, and I thought it was normal or just the way life was. I always wanted to be rapper, but my shyness was a big conflict of interest. I did not know confidence was something that could be defined growing up, I had just thought that was the way people were. Some shy, some wild. I stumbled upon the movie The Secret & learned all about The Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction Then Led Me Into The World Of Self-Help & Personal Development. I found out that a lot of what I believed about the world and about people was completely wrong. I am now someone that is living a life without rules. I let my creativity flow, make music, I study & improve the way I feel daily, I study successful people & ways to create more income in my life, as well as express the freedom of being the man I always wanted to become.


Biggest Influences? 

Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.


If You Need Guidance Right Now, Humans Growing Together Can Help. With Fast, Step-By-Step, Quick, Easy, and Simple Tips & Tricks, You Will Get The Advice You Are Searching For Today, This Wisdom Works Quickly.

Humans Growing Together Is A Brand Built Around Success, Motivation, Failure, The Law Of Attraction, Personal Development, Self-Help, Faith, And Discovery.


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